High Quality Metal Candle Supplier in China

When it comes to setting the tone at home, nothing beats candles. Whether you want to rest on the sofa or take a soothing bath, the warm glow of a candle or two will help you relax. With that in mind, we are a reliable ceramic vase, plant pot and metal candle supplier, which includes everything from stylish candle holders.

Using our large metal candle holder, you can create ambiance and atmosphere in any room. Our candle holders can instantly transform your house into a welcoming and soothing environment for anyone to enjoy. We have a selection of types to fit your environment.

Why Choose Our Large Metal Candle Holder?

Antique Effects:

Our large metal candle holder is made with delicate paintings for an antique effect and has a gorgeous mercury finish. To generate a nice warm glow, simply set a candle within and display it on a dressing table, coffee table, or mantelpiece. As each one is manufactured by hand, there may be little variances owing to the nature of the product, but we think this contributes to its beauty.

Enhancing Room:

As a credible metal candle supplier, we assure you that our lovely large metal candle holder will brighten up your room. Our lovely large metal candle holder will brighten up your room. Purchase from us and simply beautify your home. It will undoubtedly look stunning on your dinner table. It is all about producing light and inviting emotions! Our products are ideal as a gift for a close friend.

What Sets Us Apart As a Reliable Metal Candle Supplier?

Our Competence In This Industry:

We, the top metal candle supplier, are experts in production, distribution, promotion, and merchandising across categories and vertically, so we can anticipate market demands and adapt to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Our Commitment to Our Clients:

We respond to our retail partners and are adaptable enough to build new lines and custom-tailor plans. Whatever it takes to assist our customers in achieving their goals. Our commitment makes us the leading metal candle supplier in China.

Our Adaptability:

Only Guangzhou Subhan Trading, a reliable metal candle supplier, has the resources, capabilities, and scalability to deliver the exact answer for any customer problem.


Providing a quality large metal candle holder to our clients is our top priority. We have high-quality items, and we showcase each product’s distinct attributes. You will never have to worry about quality when you shop with us.